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High Quality And Safe Products

Using only the high quality and safe materials and following strictly international safety standards, The company ships only safe and well-designed products to our customers, we invite you to see what exactly we do to ensure the high quality of products you buy from us.

The Best Price

Our factory is conveniently located at the industrial area in Jiangsu Province, China, which provides the foundation for our highly efficient and low cost manufacturing power.

We always employ new technology and improve our manufacturing process to reduce our cost, and then pass these cost savings to our customers, this is why we can offer you high quality products that match highest international standard at incredible price.

Thinking For The Owner

When we design new erasers and writing instruments, we put ourselves in the shoes of the stationery owner, our experienced designer team works closely with you to make sure the product has the best function, the best visibility, and maximized safety; as a result, the products will be most attractive to the users, and generate sustainable high profit.

Innovative And Continuous New Products Development

Through cross regional cooperation with Germany, South Korea and Taiwan’s modeling and graphic designers, the company has established an international development team, forming an important core competitiveness of enterprise.

One-stop Stationery Products Procurement Solutions

Aside of the large selection of eraser and writing instruments we manufacture, we also offer all other stationery products that are needed for school and office, that include: drafting tools, stick glues, sticky notes, desk accessories, scissors, staplers and so on.

These products generate a lot of extra income for you and you will save a lot of money, time, and effort by receiving these products from us.

Business Support At All Stage

We are not merely a manufacturer, we are a business partner of yours.

We support you in building and operating your stationery business, from market research, cost and profit projection, custom design, manufacturing, to continued services after selling. We do a lot more than other manufacturers to ensure your success.

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